Phil Aud headshots 2106-11About the Blog:
Thanks for stopping by. This is my space to write about the things that I care about: Faith, Culture, and Art. I blog about the bits that are shaping my faith, challenging my mind, and feeding, or perhaps troubling, my soul. I’m a book nerd so I post lot’s of reviews on here, too. Then there’s the music side of things. My wife and I are both recording artists, so from time to time I share our music, or the music that some of our friends make. All in all, I try to post about things that are good, true, and beautiful.

About me:
I’m a Canadian who finds himself living down south. Sure, the accent down here isn’t quite British, but the tea is sweet and the sun is warm. The people are too; those who aren’t, fake it well. I am the lucky husband of one wife, and a happy man because my “quiver is full of them” – kids, that is. Three of them. I’m a worship Pastor and a Singer/Songwriter. My weapon of choice has 88 keys (unless it runs through a leslie). I preach and teach a fair bit and am currently writing a book. The book will hopefully be finished in the next decade, at the very least I know my mom will read it. My wife patiently reads every draft; pray for her. Whether I’m speaking, writing, or singing, I’m trying to follow the light and shine it, too. I love to read because studying helps me find the light. I’m also starting to get what Stanley Hauerwas means when he said, “Along the way, I discovered that the work of theology is the work of prayer.”