Thanks for stopping by. This is my space to write about the things that I care about: Faith, Culture, Art, and the Academy. I blog about the bits that are shaping my faith, challenging my mind, and feeding, or perhaps troubling, my soul. I’m a book nerd so I post lot’s of reviews on here, too. Then there’s the music side of things. My wife and I are both recording artists, so from time to time I share our music, or the music that some of our friends make. All in all, I try to post about things that are good, true, and beautiful.

About me:
After 8 years of pastoring in south Atlanta, we moved 2,300 miles to Calgary, Alberta, where I serve as a Chaplain at the University of Calgary. More on that here. I also help serve local churches through preaching, teaching, and leading worship. I am the lucky husband of one wife, and a happy man because my “quiver is full of them” – kids, that is. One son of Adam and two daughters of Eve. I preach and teach a fair bit and am currently writing a book. The book will hopefully be finished in the next decade and, at the very least, I know my mom will read it. Whether I’m speaking, writing, or singing I’m trying to follow the light and shine it too. I’m also starting to get what Stanley Hauerwas meant when he said, “Along the way, I discovered that the work of theology is the work of prayer.”

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