One of the most insidious and insistent lies we face on perhaps a daily basis is this: if it isn’t big, it doesn’t matter. It works something like this… 

The writer who isn’t published or widely read is tempted to feel like their words aren’t good and ultimately don’t matter.

The preacher whose church isn’t a mega church is tempted to feel like she just isn’t doing it right.

The academic whose work is not the game changer in their respective field is made to feel like they don’t measure up.

The songwriter who doesn’t play on the big stage or have a record deal feels like they don’t know what they’re doing.

On and on it goes, from how we parent to how we mow our lawn. Friends, it’s all a lie. Every single word of it. 

Keep writing. 

Keep preaching and shepherding your congregation. 

Keep doing the incredibly niche but essential academic work. 

Keep singing. 

Keep loving your kids. 

Keep mowing your lawn. 

The work that comes from your heart matters and you – yes, you! – matter. Reject the BIG lie today, and then again tomorrow, and then the day after that.